Suiseki art

Suiseki art – stone art scene is a completely natural stone with aesthetic value and high symbolism

Not through any human transformation effect. The only detail added is a dock

Wooden (called daiza) or a tray of water or sand (called suiban) for support.

Valued from aspects such as stability, natural shape and longevity as they represent the

Different parts of nature (landscape, people, animals) on a small “scale”. Although its origins come from China, like the Bonsai – the simple art of collecting stones

Engraved by nature has been transformed into a minimalist Japanese art.

Stone is a favorite and collection from ancient times, Japanese art called “Suiseki”, in China called “Scholar’s Rocks”, in Korea it is “Suseok” or “Gongshi” in Vietnam is called. Is stone art scene.

Japanese “Suiseki” stone – a subtle and traditional form of art that represents the feeling, the spiritual connection between the stone and the viewer. Read some of the definitions we collected from our friends in the Suiseki world:

Suiseki stone evokes images of mountains, waterfalls, rivers .. and other landscapes of natural beauty. Represent the great power of the universe and its cohesion with humans.

Suiseki Art involves the collection, preparation and evaluation of natural rocks from nature. These stones are found in the streams, along the beaches or anywhere that nature offers us.

Nowadays, the play has spread to Western countries (which are mainly derived from the influence of Suiseki art in Japanese culture), displaying stone to showcase its intrinsic beauty as well as to make sense. For people to enjoy.

For the Japanese in particular, Suiseki is not only a mere art form but also a mental one

soldier. “The contemplation of a stone as a symbol of nature relaxes the mind from the pressure of a complicated daily life and allows one to keep a sense of its values. Most are reflected through the beauty, strength and nature of the stone. ” (From a San Francisco booklet by Suiseki Kai)

The stone is silent, yet it can shake the human mind (of course, for those who truly love it). Understanding the stone is a fine stone, exhibiting for many people to enjoy is creating breathtaking scenery.

Therefore, the experience of stone carvings is an art that expresses the elegant pleasures of today’s people.