Dear Readers,

On this website I would like to share my collection of Đá Cảnh or Suiseki, from VietNam with you around the world. These stones are works of art by nature (such as wind and water flow) during millions of years. These stones have played an important role in the history of art and zen during the last thousand years in China, Japan, Korea and the West. In VietNam, They are called Đá cảnh (Viewing stone in America, Suiseki in Japan…)

Suiseki are present at art museums in the US and Europe have started building up a collection of them. Beside, Vietnamese stones or Đá Cảnh have been presenting around the world since 2007 (Include China, South Korea, USA, Japan, West… Once you have seen them, you will be fascinated by them and you will understand why I collected them. They are an intellectual challenge and an adventure, a way to the world within, rather than the outside. When placed on a pedestal it is art, art by the Natural Mother. These rocks can radiate emotions, suggest movement, create tranquility, inspire an artist to create a work of art or start a close and rewarding relationship with the viewer. It can elevate your mind and take you on a journey to the beyond. I am a fan of suiseki and I would like to share with you around the world about my suisekis.

Please, don’t hesitate email to me if you have any questions. Thanks you for your attention and wish you are happy.

Ninh Huu Hiep

Suiseki, Minerals Lover.