Suiseki is the name of a small, natural stone that has been collected by humans since ancient times. Bring high aesthetic and symbolic value without any human intervention. The art of suiseki begins with the accumulation of ideas for the stone and the most wonderful is the sense of communication in private language between the collector and the stone. Seems like rock has soul!

So what is Suiseki?
Suiseki” of Japan, is a subtle and traditional art form, representing more than art – it also represents a process, a feeling, a relationship between an object and a viewer.

To explain simply, suiseki is the understanding and appreciation of nature through a rock – the result of nature.

Suiseki (Sui = water, Seki = stone) is the study and enjoyment of natural stone as the object of beauty. Suiseki’s art deals with the collection, preparation and evaluation of natural stone unchanged. These stones are found in mountain streams, along the ocean beaches – wherever nature has created them and created them.

In many countries and continents, the name of this stone art varies: In China, Suiseki is called Gongshi (Qishi), rare stone or Guaishi, strange stone or stone workmanship. In Korea, Suiseki was born

Called Suseok, is eternal stone. In Korea, the stone is considered as a living being, so it is called the Suseok (stone with life, soul). In the West is called viewing stone. Also in Vietnam Suiseki is called rock scene.

Suiseki is usually presented in two different ways:

The bottom is covered with wood

The stone is placed in a non-porous tray or porcelain or brass bowl.

These stones are not only stones that can be found in nature but also called emeralds, shapes, colors and special textures which are classified as suiseki. There is a difference between landscape and object, reflecting landscapes like mountains, rivers and lakes while other rocks are shaped like animals or sculptures.

Natural-originated rocks are found in rivers, oceans and limestone mountains, which are not altered by human impact.

Enjoy the stone in a tray that seems to be the world in a tiny stone. Some objects in this world are very large, some are small, and they are different in shape but they are not different when you look at their nature.

Suiseki is a mountain-shaped rock, lake, waterfall, and other natural landscapes of aesthetic form and texture. They represent nature in the palm of your hand, showing enduring beauty.

Suiseki is a natural stone that is admired for its beauty and power, evoking majestic nature or something closely linked to nature. Among the most popular suiseki (suu-ee-seck-ee) is a distant mountain, a waterfall, an island, a cottage, or an animal.