Suiseki for sale

People are always fascinated by beauty, as Suiseki has become a form of art that is becoming more and more widespread. Each beautiful stone is a treasure of meaning and artistic value.

Traditional Suiseki is usually only a few inches (and sometimes up to 18 inches or more). Formed by the wind, rain and erosion of time, beautiful miniatures of the world with different shapes remind us of the existence of objects in nature.

When exhibited on specially designed wooden shelves called daizas or trays called suibans or dobans, they become a true artwork and endlessly inspire the viewer.

The rocks are highly appreciated in the Far East as art objects – with different rules and names such as Aiseki (Japan) – gemstone; Shang Shi (China) – elegant stone; Shang Sek (China) – interesting stone; Ya Sek (China) – elegant delicate; Suseok (Korea) – the stone of longevity.

For the Western world, this form of art is relatively new to appreciate the natural beauty of stone commonly referred to as “stone watch”. This form is growing rapidly, mainly rooted in Suiseki influence and appreciation in Japanese culture.

In the West, starting with bonsai and displaying Suiseki at bonsai exhibitions and then rapidly growing into a new high. The stones displayed show the inner beauty while bringing a lot of emotions to the viewers.

Nowadays, this great art form is highly appreciated. The stone business is also turning into monasticism, but Suiseki is a stone that preserves traditional values ​​because:

– They are stones that are inherent in nature without the intervention of human hands.

– The stone is not chipped.

– Formed from abrasive & weathering of water. These suiseki rocks are collected by players from rivers, streams and the sea.

Just a stone scene is enough to describe the content, the theme of the work.

– That is the real stone, not the mineral crystal.

– The beauty of the stone scene from the outline to the meaning inside

– The dominant color of the stone is usually black.

– Rock formations are preferred by players rather than fossils.

– The skin of stone has a great impact on human emotions.

Hence, the multiplicity of simplicity is probably counted on the fingers, because very few people are qualified to pursue this costly and expensive art. But be passionate, be passionate .. you will definitely find your own precious stone, because art is beauty derived from the heart and mind!